What are you paying for protein? Protein is the most expensive of the three energy nutrients (carb, fat, & protein).

For a particular food, or for a protein supplement, it can be useful to calculate the
cost of the protein that it contains as there is considerable variation among foods
and among the dozens of different protein supplements.

The form below does this calculation for you.

You'll need the following:

1. The cost of the container or package of food or supplement, such as the cost
of a protein bar, a dozen eggs, 1/2 gallon of milk, a 5-oz container of Greek yogurt,
a sealed package of raw meat with a Nutrition Facts label, a plastic bottle/jar of
protein powder, etc.

2. The number of servings per container. This information is provided near the top
of the Nutrition Facts or Supplement Facts label.

3. The number of grams of protein per serving. This information is also provided
on the Nutrition Facts or Supplement Facts label.

You can then choose to see the cost per a specified number of grams of protein,
such as the cost per 10g of protein, per 20g of protein, per 50g of protein, or the
cost per the number of grams in a serving, etc.

Cost per container: $
# of servings per container:
Grams of protein per serving:
Calculate cost per grams of protein

Cost: $

Please note: The values for RMR calculated here are estimates, based upon published equations, of your actual RMR. To determine your actual RMR would require the appropriate measurement be made via indirect calorimetry.

Estimate your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) by several equations.

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Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI

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Calculate your Protein RDA

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